Everything You Need To Know About “The American Renaissance Conference” ’18 (AMREN ’18)


Montgomery Bell State Park Inn & Conference Center in Burns, TN.

For 6 years now white supremacist have had an annual occurring conference in Tennessee.

For about six years now, many followers in the now termed “Alt-Right” movement have been meeting at Montgomery Bell State Park Inn & Conference Center in Burns TN about 45 minutes outside of Nashville TN. This reoccurring event is being organized by Jared Taylor, the founder & editor of the American Renaissance Magazine and president of the New Century Foundation. At past conferences, the American Renaissance Conference has featured the likes of Richard Spencer, Nathan Damingo, and many other prominent white supremacists.

Despite attempts and yearly repeated results, Montgomery Bell State Park Inn & Conference Center continues to host this event. In Tennessee, policies stating “That a particular venue cannot refuse service to a group regardless of the message & reputation of the group” have given the opportunity for white supremacist to have these repeated conferences very similar to appearing on college campuses across the U.S..

Jared Taylor


American Renaissance Founder, Jared Taylor posing with a critique of his works & books

Jared Taylor has written multiple books & appeared on various platforms promoting his racist rhetoric of “Is Diversity Good For America”, “White Identity” & “Why Race Matters”. As off 2018 Jared Taylor has been kicked off Twitter for sharing racist content and is currently attempting to sue the company for not letting him spread his nonsense to the rest of the world.

Jared Taylor Sues Twitter: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-43154727

Flyer found on University Of Alabama calling for lecture By Jared Taylor.

In 2007 Jared Taylor attempted to give a lecture on race in Canada and was quickly booted by Antifascists causing them to cancel the event. In 2010, The American Renaissance was cancelled due to Anti-Fascist phone calls to the venue and again in 2011. Since then the conference has been moved to Montgomery Bell State Park Inn & Conference center in Burns, TN.

Nick Fuentes


Nick Fuentes host a youtube channel entitled “America First”. During the Trump Campaign, he organized a group of volunteers to assist on the 45th’s candidacy. Nick has also attended events with the likes of Confederate & Neo-Nazi groups.


As far as speakers go, the only two American ones are Jared & Nick. The others are a mixed bag of Identitarians & Neo-Fascists from over seas, mostly Europe. You can read more about others (here.) Montgomery Bell State Park Inn as of now has a fully booked hotel. This comes inpart from promoting on websites Gab, 4chan, & other “free speech” websites where known hate groups are known to operate.

Why This Matters

Since the American Renaissance has been successful for continuous years another organization is attempting to take advantage of Tennessee’s non-discrimination policy.


In June of this year (2018) another event has been booked, a “joint” conference by the “Council Of Conservative Citizens” & The American Freedom Party a known & documented white nationalist organization. ( Read more here.)



Tennessee cannot become a safe space for any fascists or Neo-Nazi organization & we must do all that is necessary to disrupt and ensure they are not comfortable here.

For more information. See links below. Solidarity is our best defense!

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