“Americans For America” Event April 14th In Nashville. -Jam City Antifa

On a national debate about the regulation of fire arms, right-wing “gun” activist are attempting to mobilize.

Flyer For the “Americans For America” event

Given the recent events of the Parkland school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School, students managed to screw over the establishment by becoming an organized front, while also giving light on ongoing police shootings in African-American communities, as well as similar instances in other schools. These students organized with “Women’s March” Activist to produce the “March For Our Lives” movement & protest that had become the biggest single-day march in history after the Women’s March one year prior.

It sparked a debate as to whether fire arms should be regulated in the hands of carriers under the age of 21 & to limit the use of military-grade weapons in public areas. Amoungst student walk-outs, teacher strikes, and even a statewide shutdown of schools constant pressure from the movement gained intense traction & media coverage almost instantly.


As with most left-wing movements, right-wing reaction quickly scrambled & denounced the movement & lives lost. Everything from conspiracy theories, Soros pay, Antifa, the Abominable Snowman you name it. Rightist, Trump-Supporters,”Gun” Activist , the system & the establishment were unable to handle the fact, that students would dare call them out on their attempts to silence them only giving “thoughts & prayers” as a brush-off of lost classmates & denouncing real change.

Response & Working With The Wrong Hands

Social Media Event For 2nd Amendment Rally.

Almost 2 weeks after the “March For Our Lives” event in Nashville, we received a notice that a reaction event to the student movement was in place. Other than instantly noticing to completely racist title of the event, it also came to light that it would feature Mae Beavers, an islamo-phobic Republican from Tennesee’s 17th district and members of the lll%’ers (Three Percenter Movement).

Mae Beavers


In early January of 2018, Mae Beavers attempted to host an event named the “Homeland Securtiy Summit”, choosing Trevecca Nazarene University as the set location.

After reviewing the information of the event, Trevecca’s President cancelled the summit as it was deemed islamophobic.

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The lll%’er (Three Percenter)


The “Three Percenter” movement also known as “III%” is a right wing gun militia that pledges “armed resistance” to the United States government if 2nd Amendment Rights are infringed upon.

Three Percenters in Charolettesville VA

As of Charlottesville members of the III% movement provided illegal armed security to the likes of the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-nazis, and various other fascist & racist groups. Although the message of the group varies between members, III%’ers have had a habit of appearing wherever there is a leftist or a radical presence.

In Tennessee

As of the event “Americans For America” being in the works, there have been several communications about various subjects. Everything from flyer campaigns, live sessions with republican senators, to busing in attendees, all stemming from a Facebook Group organized by “The National Constitutional Constitution Of Patriotic Americans” (NCCPA).


within this group we discovered a post that has now been removed from the event page that was a recruitment group on social media for the Ghost Squad III% in Tennessee.

As to whether fascist are attempting to turn ordinary “Pro-2nd Amendment” rightist into more radical groups is unclear. What is known at the moment is that the group is seeking to gain momentum from this event.


At one point in time earlier in the week, another post was uploaded calling for an action to be taken against the “Americans For America” event April 14th. Within about 40 minutes of the piece being publicized it had gain a traction of almost 1000 views. Tracing the viewer base, we were able to confirm that the traffic was coming from a facebook group and was quickly being shared amoungst “Pro 2A” activist & within far right circles some even calling for others for backup.

The article has since then been pulled as we have rebranded ourselves & publishing under an alias.

The parkland shooting was tragic, and given the fact rightist have the audacity to want to shun the death of young children is beyond disgusting. Islamaphobes as well as fascist-paramilitary attempting to gain power will not be welcome on our streets. We must take it upon ourselves to stand for what is right, and support our student comrades. Not in favor of swinging a vote to corrupt political parties, but standing and taking power back from what put them in place. April 14th show you support.

Solidarity is our best defense!


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