“Pro-2A Rally” With No Guns. *Report Back* “Americans For America” Rally – Jam City Antifa

The following is a report-back from an “Americans For America” event that took place in Nashville.

Small group of about 50 “2nd Amendment Activist”.

After the “March For Our Lives” event that took Nashville streets about 2 weeks prior, we had gotten word that a reaction was in the works. The so-called “Americans For America” event was one of the many “Pro 2nd Amendment” rallies set to take place across the country. After some investigative work we were able to discover that the “Ghost Squad Three Percent (III%)” was coordinating the event, along with a number of right-wing political organizations.

Amid permits, security, and conflicting arguments about bringing firearms to Nashville’s Capital (which is illegal..) the event flopped, as security on the capital forbid the unpermitted rally on capital grounds & brandishing of firearms.

Flyer For the “Americans For America” event

The flyer which was passed out throughout the week & posted in small towns, called for “Gun Activists” to take capital steps and was to feature three speakers at the event. It wasn’t until the day before the event that the organizers had gotten word that the permit had been revoked and at least two of booked speakers cancelled on them.


Despite the rain, denied permit , & miscommunication as to whether the rally was cancelled, attendees persisted, brandishing Confederate, Gadsden, & “Come & Take It” flags.


About six “Jam City” Anti-fascists on the ground, who were doing surveillance were informed that the organizers had rented three shuttle buses along the southern street of legislative plaza.


Confirming the intel, the antifascists were able to spot & tag one of the shuttles with “Nazis Fuck Off” with a “Circle A” at the end.


The event lasted until about 4:30pm. As attendees were slowly drowning out, some took to social-media to express the outrage at the organizers.


Compared to the “March For Our Lives” event, the “Americans For America” response is just a small (hilarious) reminder as to how the right & far-right in Nashville lack any real organizational skills what-so-ever. Multiple trolls & the “commander” of the III% Ghost Squad have been identified thanks to this failed attempt.


We in Nashville seek to take full advantage of this lack of organizing to keep racists & fascists alike out of our streets. Nashville’s support of the student movement & local response to the far-right is just a reminder that Nashville is indeed an Anti-Fascist city.

“March For Our Lives” in Nashville Tennessee.
IMG_20180414_140145 (1)
“Americans For America” response.

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