Everything You Need To Know About The “Joint Conference” From CCC & AFP

White Supremacists Are Returning To Montgomery Bell State Park Inn & Conference Center


In April of this year we reported that the American Renaissance Conference (Amren) was being held once again at Montgomery Bell State Park Inn & Conference center. The response & solidarity was in fact amazing to say the least. Even though Amren had received its heaviest police security in 6 years, with police conducting unwarranted car searches on protester’s cars, & enforcing a “mask” rule that has never been enforced at past actions, the protest faced police repression regardless of the event having a permit to take place.

Sign outside Amren protest


Barricaded “Protest Zones” designated for Amren demonstrators.

This does not come as a shock to us, as the same standard was applied in Newnan, Georgia as nothing more than a state-crackdown on Anti-Fascists to ensure that Fascists & White Supremacists alike are protected to continue organizing for mass genocide & terror attacks on the general public.

American Freedom Party Joint Conference

Listed on the “American Freedom Party”‘s website is a list of speakers set to appear at its Joint Conference, including Micheal Hill & the Swiss Nationalist Party.



Micheal Hill


Micheal Hill is the President ofLeague Of The South”, a White Nationalist & Neo-Confederate organization that advocates for a “free & independent southern republic”.


League Of The South at White Lives Matter rally in Shelbyville Tennessee.
League Of The South Members march in Charlottesville VA at the “Unite The Right” event.

In Charlottesville’s “Unite The Right” rally Micheal Hill marched with Neo-Nazis, The Ku Klux Klan, and multiple hate groups from across the U.S..

Michael Hill is Charlottesville assaulting a protester.

Swiss Nationalist Party


The Swiss Nationalist Party (Partei National Orientierter Schweizer, abbreviated to PNOS) is a far-right political party that has been classified as an extremist group by federal police in Switzerland. The past ties of (PNOS) include the Nationalist Front, which has since been re-branded & modernized itself as “the new right” in opposition to “Left Wing” movements in Europe.


Fascist Movements Coming To America

The election on Donald J. Trump undoubtedly gave new momentum to white supremacist organizing to a degree that is extremely disturbing. American-conservatives conversing with far-right extremist groups rooted in National Socialism & sharing spaces is something that should be exposed, confronted & eradicated. These groups are seeking the influence American citizens & if successful , could be extremely dangerous to communities all across the United States.

The confrontation of the American Renaissance Conferance was successful & gave a prime example as to how police will violate the rights of citizens to further white supremacist agenda. Despite this, Anti-Fascists were able to persist & stand together against fascists with & without badges, pressuring the venue’s attendees that their presence is known & they will not go in peace. It is up to the community to handle these threats.

Solidarity is our best defense!

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