Homophobic Street Preachers at PRIDE 2018

This Group Of Clowns Needs To Stopped

” To Teach All Nations ” at “Women’s March 2.0 Nashville”

Over the past course of 2018, a group of “Street Preachers” whom we’ll refer to as “Teach All Nations” (According to their youtube channel )have caught our attention on several occasions. Besides the everyday non-sense and rhetoric of street preachers, they also have a history of showing at leftist movements such as the “Women’s March” & “March For Our Lives” here in Nashville TN.

Starting March 4th 2017

Anti Fascist Confronts “Teach All Nations” at “March 4 Trump” rally downtown Nashville.

In the prominent beginning days of the Anti-Fascist scene in Nashville Tennessee one of the nation-wide “March 4 Trump” events was scheduled at Legislative Plaza in Nashville. Following the rule of “Never let the fascists have the streets” a small collective of about 13 Anti Fascist organized a response to disrupt the event at all costs and thus succeeded.

Upon arrival at the event “To Teach All Nations” (awkwardly enough..) was seen holding signs of a dead fetus & yelling at the group of Trump Supporters how they were going to hell if they didn’t repent from watching pornography.

Being in close proximity to the street preachers upon arrival to the event, the Anti Fascists at one point got into a shouting match with one of the preachers after he stated “All Anarchists were bound for hell” apparently making the reference upon seeing the group in Black & masked. The group was chased out shortly after the arrival of Anti-Fascists.

Women’s March 2.0 2018


On the anniversary of the ” Women’s March” the same group appeared to hold another “Preach” targeted at Feminism & Pro-Choice movements. An Anti-Fascist recognized “Teach All Nations” on a corner making patriarchal comments towards passer-by’s and Women in Pink hats about “Men being the head” & ” Women should listen to the Man and know they’re place” and making their way toward the location of the Women’s March. Upon arriving at the location of the Women’s March, “Teach All Nations” singularly pointed out one person of color in the crowd stating “God Hates You”. (Video Taken Of Incident Below)

March For Our Lives

In response to the events of Stoneman Douglas High School, a street march was organized in Nashville as a response & in solidarity with other sister marches taking place around the country that day. Local organizations from around Nashville attended the event as well as a small contingent of radicals within the area.

Upon arriving at the scene of the event “Teach All Nations” was immediately pointed out by one of the radicals and was seen surrounded by at least 4 police officers. “Teach All Nations” was reportedly harassing the crowd by constantly walking into the March’s Rally Point saying “God Bless The NRA” and other inappropriate remarks towards attendees who had lost children to gun violence. Given the events of the Women’s March, the group took a direct action approach to boot them out.

Upon confrontation, the street preachers instantly stated it was “Antifa” & expressed their dislike in Anti Fascist politics and attempted to grab a female radical by the neck and throw her to the ground. The police quickly intervened between “Teach All Nations” and the radicals instructing to “ignore them”. At which point one of the preachers walked around the officers and attempted to go back into the crowd of marchers but was followed and re-ejected by the same female radical.


In June, the annual PRIDE festival for Queer, Trans, and those supporting takes place at the courthouse. “Teach All Nations” is going to be in attendance once again with the sexist, homophobic, rhetoric under the veil of religion. As Anti Fascists we stand with our Queer & Trans friends with the utmost solidarity and zero tolerance for any non sense that may be headed their way in June. If upon seeing “Teach All Nations” on the ground do not hesitate to eject them from the PRIDE March & Parade, as this group is now a known organization that is willing to be violent towards those who get in their faces.

-Solidarity Is Our Best Defense!

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