Attacking Injustice: The Hypocrisy of TN “Anti Mask Law”

A Law Used Originally Against The Ku Klux Klan is being Applied Against Opponents Of The State & Alt-Reich



What has become the synonymous identifying “look” of Radical, Anarchist, & Anti-Fascist’s movements is being criminalized & targeted by those seeking to defend Fascism & White-Supremacy at all cost. Even if that means fighting dirty, & attempting to win against Anti-Fascist & Anti-Racist struggles by breaking the same laws they so dearly seek to uphold.

Members of the Traditionalist Worker’s Party pose with Shields in mask prohibited in protest zones.

There is a saying from the Black Panthers of the 70’s that “Cops & Klan Go Hand In Hand”, in the South many members of Law Enforcement in 2018 have adopted the thin blue line flag & decal of the “Blue Lives Matter” movement which thus was formed out of reaction to the Black Lives Matter movement to justify Police-brutality & killings of people of color whilst playing the victim. There have been numerous occasions & far to many instances where this form of hypocrisy has taken place

Despite the everyday uses of masking such as sickness, religion, weather, or sport this hypocritical law is only enforced at protest movements under the Trump Presidency as of late. Just as with the J20 trials of “Guilt By Association” & the title of “Antifa” being applied to any persons against racism in black or have facial coverings.

There is no moral-equivalent between hate groups bombing churches & committing mass shootings on the general public & Anti Fascists, whose solemn duty is to stop them from organizing & preventing them in the first place.


The Klan

The Ku Klux Klan was founded in Pulaski Tennessee & thus have a substantial amount of historical marks & statues honoring former Grand Wizards & Confederate-Army Generals decked throughout the state.

With events resulting in these statues being removed physically & legally, those on the side of White-Supremacy have turned to relying on the state & legal system to uphold their agenda out of failing to do so in the street.


Current Events

Locally residence in Nashville have seen this new form of discrimination & tactic being applied.

Reiterating several mobilizations such as The Student March & The American Rennisance Conference in 2017 as well as smaller actions against the Trump Presidency & various Fascist groups, the “Anti Masking” law was not being enforced or applied to attendees at these events by police on-lookers.

Smaller actions locally have seen targeting by Police from simply having a Black Flag, to an illegitimate citation being issued to being masked, only to not be processed & thrown-out by the court system later.



In Closing

In several cases members of Law Enforcement have expressed their knowledge & dislike in Anti-Fascist politics, some even calling out the group by name. Despite the hypocrisy of Police being constantly killed by White-Supremacists in the state & followers of Fascist ideas committing terrorist attacks on the public such as the Waffle House shooting in Antioch TN, their aggression & targeting has solely been targeted at those opposed to Fascism.

Much of this comes in part due to police openly working with Alt-Right groups & officers having ties to far-right political groups while not on duty. This is an intimidation tactic & a smokescreen used to further Fascist agenda behind “protecting & serving” the general public & to aim aggression towards Anti Fascists.

Being knowledged, alert and aware is an idea which can be used to defeat this. The Fascist have nothing without their police-state sympathizers or crooked lawyers behind them.

-Solidarity is our best defense!

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