The Nazis In East Nashville – Jam City Antifa

An East Nashville Gym is housing Fascists & Neo-Pagan Nazis

Vengeance Strength Kvlt is a gym in East Nashville that came under headlines in 2017 for having ties to the Wolves Of Vinland (a white power group based in Virginia). The gym has re-opened after being sabotaged by locals.


Besides having open Fascists & Neo-Pagan symbols painted on everything from the facility to their merchandise (including the “Death Rune” symbol that was used to mark the graves of dead SS soliders) recent activity by this gym has caught our attention signaling that our community is in danger.


“Death Rune” Symbol on VSK merchandise


Grave of SS soilder


Slashed out Equality Sympbol


“Wolves Of Vinland” Symbol painted on wall of facility.

images (1).jpeg

Wolves Of Vinland follower holding shield and praising the “Black Sun” also synonmous with Neo-Nazi Symbols.

Sky Lemyng

Sky Lemyng is the founder of VSK. In recent post via social media, photos show Lemyng posing with Marcus Follin. Who spoke at the American Rennisance Conference in April. The photos were taken on May 1st, a day after the American Renaissance Conference.

For more info on Amren see our piece here: Amren 2018

Sky Lemyng Connects: Facebook Instagram Twitter

After the visit from Follin, VSK proceeded to produce a series of merchandise brandishing Fascist symbols & slashed out equality signs.

Nazi-Free Nashville

Vengeance Strength Kvlt is generating capital off Nashville’s community by housing this gym with Neo-Fascist undertones. The use of people of color to present a “welcoming” smokescreen isn’t enough to ignore what kind of people are in our community. Nor is sharing spaces with Neo-Fascists from Europe publicly organizing for White Supremacists messages.

– Solidarity Is Our Best Defense!

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