Here Come The Clampetts – Silent Sam

Silent Sam Is No More & Southern Folks Aren’t Happy About It.


On August 20th, students at the University Of North Carolina mobilized on a Confederate Statue placed by the Daughters Of The Confederacy, bringing it to its rightful place in a nearby dumpster. This action was regarded as historic, inspiring & yet another blow to the remaining images of oppression & slavery decked throughout the south.


This action however, was not unseen by those already triggered over other Confederate Statues being removed. Within about 24 hours of “Silent Sam” biting the dust & going viral, Neo-Confederates, Sympathizers, & Hate Groups quickly began to use the hashtag #RestoreSilentSam as an online rallying call to “Save Their Race From The Marxist Campaign”. Everything from Call-in campaigns calling for the resignation of UNC’s Chancellor to an open rally in Johnson City Tennessee is being organized in retaliation to the falling of the statue.

Statement on the removal of “Silent Sam” on League Of The South’s main site.


Southern States Getting Ready

Over the course of 2017-18 a number of Southern White Supremacist Micro-Celebrities have come to light such as Matthew Heimbach & Hunter Wallace. Many older organizers like Billy Roper, Jared Taylor, Micheal Hill, and chapters of the Ku Klux Klan are now becoming active again with hopes of seeking young blood for their organizations. This is indicated by the recent uprise in recruitment flyers found in Tennessee, Virginia & North Carolina.


After the fail of this years’ “Unite The Right 2” the coalition of Fascists, Racists, & Neo-Nazis that came to Charlottesville VA in 2017 ,had all but turned their backs on Jason Kessler. These groups are very much still active only choosing to operate independently rather than in the broad fighting force they became known for. This is their flaw. Having limited numbers & incapability to grow shuns the effectiveness of the movement which they would seek to have. Meanwhile on the opposition, Anti Fascists & Anti Racists alike have solidarity & numbers on their side. The broader community will stand against hate if given an outlet & objective to complete. Local to Tennessee and the south, many coalitions such as Anti Fascist Action, Anti Racist Action, Redneck Revolt, & The IWW have dealt with these kinds of threats. If you are local to the areas where there are high amounts of Fascist & White Supremacist activity, do not hesitate to get in touch!

*If you have tips & leads on activity please e-mail*


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