Everything You Need To Know About The SWN CPAC365 Attack


Billy Roper Is Back At It Again

Screengrab Of Billy Roper’s Post on GAB

On September 21st, Billy Roper and the “ShieldWall Network” will be attending CPAC 365 in Knoxville at the Knoxille Convention Center with speakers Mike Pence , Marsha BlackBurn ,Chris Cox Of The NRA & Matt Schlapp of the American Conservative Union.

We’ve written about Billy Roper and the “ShieldWall Network” before from the last American Freedom Party / Council Of Conservative Citizens Conference that was held in Montgomery Bell State Park after the American Renaissance.

(Screenshot from News Ch.9)



What we can confirm however is that “ShieldWall Network” does not have that many active members, as past demonstrations have attracted 12 total at most.



Nor does ShieldWall Network have a history of actually using any of the Shields they’ve become known to carry. There has however, been a disturbing uptick in ShieldWall’s organizing as Billy Roper has a history of meeting and forming networks with groups like the “Ku Klux Klan” & other Neo-Nazi Factions wanting to join “ShieldWall Network”.

Billy Roper & David Duke at the “Nationalist Solutions Symposium” in Montgomery Bell State Park, Dickson TN
Mass Unity Meeting Flyer


The event in Knoxville is going to be carried out by locals & possibly a few others. Local Knoxville regulars Johan Carollo , Matthew Spaulding, & Cameron Soratono have also been active within the past year in Knoxville. They most recently were at the “Johnson City TriPRIDE” parade where they were seen harassing festival-goers & people leaving to their cars until being confronted by Antifasicsts & needing a police escort back to Craig Spaulding’s van.

The event being boosted is already in ShieldWalls’ networks. With the open intention of attacking protesters they must be blockaded and diverted. ShieldWall, as with most Fascists, with have to rely on police escorts to safely counter-protest without contact. This strategy only works when there is a low-count of demonstrators & Anti Fascists. What’s more effective is to always, take pictures & follow the Fascists to their cars after every demonstration.

Posts on ShieldWall Networks Main Site.

– Solidarity Is Our Best Defense!

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