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Below is a list of all  Alt-Right, White Nationalist, & Fascist groups currently active in Nashville Tennessee. The election of Donald J. Trump empowered non-active groups to begin organizing and forming new groups such as the Proud Boys, Three Percenters, and League Of The South. We cannot let Nashville become a safe-haven for Fascist activity or recruiting and must bring our communities together to combat & handle these groups.

Nashville Proud Boys


ProudBoy Danny Kosco outside of May 30th Trump Rally
Proud Boy Josh Irving with Gavin McInnes



The Nashville “Proud Boys” were founded in 2017 on the heels of the group’s founding by Gavin McInnes. A racist personality that identifies as a “Western Chuvanist”. The ProudBoys of Nashville were last seen at the 2018 Trump Rally for Trump’s endorsement of Marsha Blackburn. The majority of members were speculated to be from out of Nashville, but a local Facebook group exist to vett members.

Vengeance Strength Kvlt


Vengence Strenght Kvlt members take a photo in front of Neo-Pagan mural in East Nashville
Stength Vengence Kvlt Owner Sky Lemyng with “Generation Identity” member Marcus Follin


“Vengence Strenght Kvlt” is a gym in East Nashville that was founded as part of “Operation Werewolf” by the “Wolves Of Vinland”. A Neo-Volkisch biker gang with racist, white-nationalist, and neo-fascist sentiments. The gym was temporarily closed after it was vandalized in 2017. Since it’s re-opening in early spring of 2018, the owner Sky Lemyg has continuously posted Neo-Nazi imagery on the gym’s Instagram account including photos of him posing with Marcus Follin who spoke at the White Supremacist Conference The American Renaissance.

“Ghost Squad” III%

IMG_20180414_140145 (1)

The “Ghost Squad” III% is the Nashville Chapter of the III% “Patriot” Movement. The group was last active in 2018 after the “March For Our Lives” movement began and counter-protested a Mayday Rally in Nashville in 2017. The counter was organized by a coalition of III%’ers, ProudBoys, Libertarians and out-of-state bigots. The group has since traveled to states such as Kentucky to take part in counter demonstrations against “Occupy ICE” movements.

Teach All Nations


“Teach All Nations” is a local group of Street Preachers whom engage in regular civilian harassment outside of political ideology. The group has been noted to show up to everything from concerts to Veteran’s Day Parades simply to harass anyone that happens to be in front of their sign or megaphone with a Christo-Fascist message. At public left-wing events such as the “March For Our Lives” and the 2018 “Women’s March” Teach All Nations continuously shouted misogynistic and racist  phrases towards event goers and random passer-bys. The group is also noted to be extremely violent towards Female protesters and the transgender community singling them out to attack  if they get in front of their message. The incidents are recorded via GoPro and later posted on the group’s Youtube account.



TN-Star_logo_350px-mailchimpTENNESSEE STAR

tennesseestar.com – is a right leaning publication associated with the Nashville Tea Party. The website has published pieces sympathetic to far-right groups such as the “Proud Boys” and White Nationalist movements. The site is a vivid supporter of Donald Trump.


confederatetn.org – is the Tennessee chapter for “League Of The South”. The website’s primary focus is publishing stories on local actions from the League around Tennessee. The website also receives donations to support “League Of The South”.


DescubreTuPersonalidadOCCIDENTAL DISSENT

occidentaldissent.com – is a personal website run by “League Of The South”s PR Bradley Dean Griffin also known as “Hunter Wallace” online. Occidental Dissent is based in Midway Alabama but post regular White Supremacist content on actions by League Of The South in Tennessee. The website is also home to a series of “doxxes” aimed to harass left-wing protestors against racism & White Nationalism.


amren.com – is a site hosted by long-time White Supremacist Jared Taylor. It’s home to serval “Alt-Right” think pieces and publishes content on the actions of “Identitiy Evropa” and other Far-Right groups in Nashville. The American Renaissance also host a yearly gathering of Alt Right, White Nationalist, & White Supremacists in Montegomery Bell State Park called the “American Renaissance Conference”.




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