Statement On 12/31 Community Watch

First off we would like to thank all the locals who showed up for our action on the 31st. The Proud Boys are a hilarious specter to say the least. Given that Nashville is still new to Anti-Fascist praxis, we were more than happy for the support that was shown in the face of a local misogynist drinking club attempting to dig up local wack-jobs for a New Year’s party.

Given that this was our first organized “Community Watch” we have nothing but the highest praises towards those who shared, contributed and had our backs online, in the street, and behind the scenes. Contrary to belief, the sights of 5,000 Anti-Fascists obliterating a group of 30 Nazis is awe inspiring, time will only tell when Nashville has that kind of response. Whether it be a publicly announced rally by the Ku Klux Klan or a Press Conference by a Far-Right bigot. Anti-Fascists without a doubt will be there.

Looking ahead at 2019 our efforts local to Nashville should be aimed at intel gathering. It’s a VERY rare occasion that Fascists have enough courage to show up in this city. That being said, it shouldn’t go that “allied” and Progressive groups aren’t doing Anti-Fascist work as well. We have to look beyond the memes and the online LARPing of revolutionary struggles and get folks out on the streets when it matters the most.

The Anti-Fascist frontier in the south varies from other affinities in the so-called “USA” in the subjects of historical racism, Fascist movements under the Trump Administration, and outright toxic ideas that seek to hold our communities hostage. The State, the Liberals, the historical lessons about “tolerance” we were taught will not stop the fact that Fascists are trying to organize in our town. It’s up to us to stop these idiots wherever they show up.

We would like to thank our support, solidarity, and other chapters for a successful “Community Watch”:

The Anti-Fascist Network (UK)


Antifa International

Knoxville Radical Alliance

Nashville ARA

Mercy Junction

No Exceptions Prison Collective

OCCUPY ICE Nashville

Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice

Socialist Rifle Association

161 Crew Australia

Antifa Osaka

C. R. A. C (Japan)

And also the following publications:

It’s Going Down

Enough Is Enough

Unicorn Riot


The Forge

The Tennessee Tribune

Nashville SCENE

Anti Fascist News

PM Press

Friendly Anarchism

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