Reportback: New Years Mobilization Against The Proud Boys:

On New Year’s Eve the local chapter of the Proud Boys organized a public bar meetup of new, old, and washed up members. As a response we organized several actions such as doxx pieces, flyer-campaigns around the bars they hang out at, video propaganda, and a “Community Watch” the day of their meetup.





A social media flyer advertising “January Is Coming” was posted to an Instagram Account belonging to “Matthew Walter” a member of the local chapter.


On New Year’s Eve a small group of locals met at an undisclosed location for a brief meeting about how to operate for the night. Being unaware of exactly how many Proud Boys were headed into the city, the overall goal was to gather as much information as possible and to get whoever showed up in town fired from their jobs.

The initial plan was to have our vetted members form “survey teams” and un-vetted allies to search town and standby in case of any violence. This plan was instantly scrapped after reports of FOX News host Tomi Lahren  livestreaming a “New Year’s Countdown” segment at Wildhorse Saloon. Given the Proud Boys allegiance to the 45th President it would only make sense that they would want to go associate with fellow Xenophobes and be around FOX News. A Tweet by Matthew Walter also confirmed the interest.


Our group searched town for Wildhorse Saloon and staged outside the bar. We sent in an Independent Journalist to take pictures and search for any members that were featured in our doxx. After about an hour or so, no Proud Boy Uniforms were reported in the bar. The situation slowly began to seem more like a false flag and big talk with no action. That was until a screenshot of a Tweet by user “@ProudGrittyBoy” was sent to us and indicated that 5 Proud Boys were headed towards Wildhorse Saloon.


Given that our group had been on the grounds for almost 2 hours now, most of the community watch had dispersed and was enjoying New Years. However an Anti Fascist spotted Jimi Long driving a Sliver Van, turning off the street where Wildhorse Saloon was. Later the account @ProudGrittyBoy  posted about how 5 Proud Boys were dropped off at Wildhorse Saloon. Given the hashtags, location, and timing of the Tweet we were able to confirm that not only was @ProudGrittyBoy actually Jimi Long (confirming our suspicions) but he had aslo been running a  number of fake accounts used to harass Anti Fascists on social media. This gave us all the information that we needed for the night about the local Proud Boys. Such as where they organize,  how many are active in the city, and what their social media accounts are.

The following day Matthew Walter publicly declared that he was no longer involved with the group after discovering that his Chapter was tracked the entire night they were in town. This is just one of the many outcomes that we wanted to manifest and not turn into a massive street brawl. We were able to get members to quit before becoming highly active without any injuries, arrests, or false news propaganda. Our very first “Community Watch” was successful and is just the beginning of the work that will be done in Nashville in 2019.




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