Neo-Nazi Gym In East Nashville Closes And Moves To New Location

Vengeance Strength Kvlt” an Alt-Right Neo-Volkish Gym has closed its East Nashville location to move into a bigger facility. An anonymous tip was sent to us stating that the gym’s equipment had been removed and its parking lot was chained off during usual business hours. Social media posts from VSK’s Facebook and Instagram accounts confirmed the gym was seeking another facility.

(Screengrab from “Vengeance Strength Kvlt” Instagram)


VSK sparked controversy in 2017 for being tied to the White Power group “Wolves Of Vinland“. It’s creator extremist Paul Waggener founded the gym as an affiliate project for “Operation Werewolf“. VSK was open about 6 months before anonymous vandals smashed the windows and defaced the gym’s mural forcing it to close for 2 months.

VSK_EE.5a46ce9983aa6 (1)

Since it’s re-opening VSK has welcomed multiple Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists including Neo-Fascist Marcus Follin who spoke at a White Supremacist Conference in Burns Tennessee. The gym also sells merchandise dismissing equality, human rights, and including symbolism used to mark the graves of dead Nazi SS soldiers.

As of this date VSK has found another venue believed to be located in Nashville. Follow us on social media for updates.

VSK new gym location.
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