Everything You Need To Know About The “Feast Of War” In Nashville.

The “Feast Of War” is a Networking meeting of Alt-Lite personalities orchestrated by Ivan Throne aka “Dark Triad Man” on social media. In the past, Ivan has attended events with figures such as Anti – Feminist provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos and Mike Cernovich.

Ivan throne pictured with Milo Yiannopoulos at Mike Cernovich “Night For Freedom” in DC.

The “Feast Of War” presents itself as a simple meeting set in an upscale environment as its attendees are encouraged to dress in evening casual wear and conduct themselves in an orderly manner. Further investigation into the network meeting’s motives give insight about the positions and ideas associated with the overall gathering.



Aside from the website’s presentation, the advertising of being against “Marxism and Anarchism” as failed ideologies rings as a Nationalist dog-whistle for multiple rightists to attend and become involved with the Alt-Lite.

Ivan Throne has publicly sympathized with Proud Boy Luke Rohlfing after Luke made threats towards Nashville bars calling for violence and published a conspiracy theory on “Big League Politics” about how “No-Go Zones” were being created in order to “target conservatives”. In reality the post was regarding a “Community Watch” organized by Nashville locals to get information on a Proud Boys meeting being held for New Year’s. The Proud Boys have been declared a “Hate Group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center on acts of violence committed since their founding and positions on Islam and immigration.

The “Feast Of War” holds gatherings all across the United States. After its Washington DC visit, the meeting will be headed to Nashville.


Although Fascists do not have a known presence in Nashville Tennessee, any sort of undercover meeting of Nationalists is an attempt to grow the Alt-Lite movement brought by outside agitators. Nashville is an Anti – Fascist zone and will not become a safe haven for provocateurs with Alt-Lite ties.

An Action date will be posted when information is confirmed. Follow us on social media for updates.


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