Expose’ – Street Preachers In Nashville


A group of Street Preachers associated with the “Westboro Baptist Church” movement have made regular appearances in Nashville against those who they deemed “sinners”. Over the past months this group has become increasingly violent in some cases physically attacking anyone they’re “preaching” against. “The Westboro Baptist” movement isn’t known for being violent but the uptick in confrontations by a group in Nashville Tennessee gives alarm that it has the potential to turn into another “Patriot Prayer” or otherwise UltraNationalist movement that makes use of violence against anyone they choose.

This is an expose’ on just a few of its members starting trouble in Nashville Tennessee.


Timothy Brown has filed multiple lawsuits in Tennessee over supposed “Free Speech” violations. Timothy and his group travel explicitly to harass and even confront Pro-LGBT events and have also been reported yelling Xenophobic slurs at Immigrant marches in Nashville when not street preaching.

Timothy also hosts a radio show and manages a FB page where he shares Homophobic views with the rest of the world.


Marvin Heiman is a self-described “Imperialist” whom in 2016 led a “preach” against a “Pagan Pride Day” in Nashville heckling its attendees for several hours before leaving. Heiman’s Social media profile unsurprisingly include Sexist and Homophobic content aimed at the LGBT community.


Kenneth Winslow is one of few less violent individuals in the Nashville Street preacher group. Hours of video footage online reveal Winslow’s views on Feminism and bias towards Anti Fascism. Winslow’s social media also includes Homophobic and Xenophobic posts. One of which voices support for Immigration Customs Enforcement (I.C.E).


Michael Strait is known to travel with Timothy Brown and Kenneth Winslow. Strait has traveled to Clarskville, Nashville, and Indiana heckling LGBT and Feminist events. Strait’s social media posts include White Nationalist propaganda and several videos of Homophobic rants.



John McGlone is undoubtedly the worst of the Street Preacher group in Nashville. In 2016 McGlone was the driving force behind suing the city for a group to heckle PRIDE goers ultimately winning the case. He was also arrested in 2015 for disorderly conduct during an outdoor event in Springfield, Tennessee.


McGlone is also the main editor of jesuspreacher.com which is a blog-type website for McGlone to recruit and publish content aimed at the LGBT community. In a recent video McGlone is seen assaulting a Bouncer outside of Whiskey Row in downtown Nashville. The incident ends in McGlone being aggressively shoved to the ground in which Michael Strait threatens to call the police. This incident is just one of many recorded confrontations in which the group has become violent.

Investigation into McGlone’s social media account show racist posts and ties with members of “Patriot Prayer” .


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Joshua Heiman

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