American Identity Movement’s “Flash” Demonstration In Nashville

On March 10th 2019, the “American Identity Movement” (AIM) held a Flash Demonstration at the Tennessee State Capitol. This occurred after its members were leaving the “Leading Our People Forward Conference in Burkesville, Kentucky.

Known as the rebranding of the now collapsed White Nationalist group “Identity Evropa“, AIM seeks to carry the flame of Identitarianism and White Nationalism under a different disguise.

The Demonstration

Originally exposed in a series of “Discord Leaks” by Media Collective “Unicorn Riot” the Flash Demo called for its members to meet in Nashville around 12pm Sunday. Given the history of demonstrations by Identity Evropa in Nashville, it was speculated the group would be gathered at Centennial Park’s “Parthenon” in order to unveil their rebranding.

An Antifascist counter was organized and mobilized to the suspected area of AIM’s event around 10am. Lookouts were posted around the park and on the Parthenon to report any suspicious activity and to keep watch for known AIM members that have been documented. At 3pm the counter dispersed to go search elsewhere in Nashville for AIM.

While scouting a social media post from the Twitter Account @AIM_America shared photos of a group at Legislative Plaza holding American Flags and multiple banners reading “This Land Is Our Land” , “Defend America” and bearing AIM’s new symbolism.

The Flash demonstration that was originally scheduled for 12pm had moved its location due in part to AIM members be alerted that the Parthenon had been occupied by counter demonstrators.


This action by AIM is not a new (or effective..) tactic in the White Nationalist playbook. “Flash Rallies” are also held by groups like “Patriot Front” and “League of The South” as mere photo-ops for online circles, false narratives about Activism, and to give the impression of legitimacy, optics and numbers.

“Flash Rallying” by a White Nationalist group is a compliment to Anti Fascist organizing in an area , that the group has limited public appeal and can’t manage the social consequences behind promoting White Nationalism. It isn’t to be viewed as a “loss” towards those who seek to defend their communities from White Nationalist ideas.

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